Hi!  Welcome to

BOON Design Studio!

We are a boutique studio specialized in residential and commercial interior design. We`re located in Toronto, but thanks to E-Design we can be anywhere you want.

We  are ...

dreamers... who get the job done! Exceptionally well!

artists... that know how to ‘art’ by the numbers! YOUR numbers!

visual storytellers... with YOUR story in mind!

Passionate, dedicated and relentless, we relish in each new opportunity to create extraordinary living experiences. And our best is yet to come!

You can be our ally!

Your interior too, can be a piece of art ! There is no limit to what we can achieve when partnering with like-minded people.

But for now, please get comfortable, sit back and relax, have a look around, follow our stories and don`t forget: Enjoy your ride!

It`s all about YOUR experience...