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Educated as an artist and interior designer, Alina brings over 15 years of interior design experience and a unique creative vision to each project.                                                                      

'It is always fascinating to see the tremendous power interior environments have over people`s lives. Great interior designers are those who succeed in delivering this transformative value by creating spaces that give the best sides of us the opportunity to flourish. To achieve that, designers must be knowledgeable, experienced and comfortable wearing many hats in the process:

Home is where YOUR story begins ...

First, interior designers are good listeners, great ‘visual storytellers’ and artists with a mission to portray their client through every design choice they make. Our homes are physical and psychological sanctuaries, ‘emotive spaces’, extensions of ourselves: layered, complex, textured… They unravel personal stories and guard our identity, being constant reminders of who we are or who we want to become. This is why, strong partnerships with our clients are vital in creating environments that are functional, beautiful and deeply meaningful.

​Interior Designers must be able to look at a space with an architect`s eye to determine those essential elements that can be manipulated to provide the best architectural backdrop. They have to understand construction elements and building systems. There is a lot of dust, wiring and ducts behind what we perceive as comfort.

Interior designers need to be great project managers to be able to organize and coordinate between all the trades and consultants involved in the process. Great communication is key in making sure everything comes together as planned.

Last but not least, they need to be little magicians to make all these things seem easy and effortless to their client.’    Alina

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